The SEC is about to take a precedent setting vote on the future of crypto innovation in the US.

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We live in a world where we are spending more and more of our time online. In this digital world people create value by contributing content, sharing expertise, and hosting experiences. And yet all this value goes to a few big companies, instead of the people who created it.

We believe there is a better way. Kin is a currency for the digital world. It enables a new economy where everyone gets paid for the value they create online.


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Kin has quickly become a top 10 cryptocurrency by helping developers create engaging experiences that generate hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. VIEW DETAILS

From its inception, the vision for Kin was to be the most used cryptocurrency in the world, and it’s well on its way.

Kik launches Kin, the currency for the digital world
Users open Kin wallets to unlock status and premium content
Kik users can earn Kin with branded surveys and premium content
Scaling limitations limited growth; forked Stellar to develop a blockchain that could support consumer scale
Kin blockchain is now live, Kik launches a Kin marketplace
Kinit goes live with the first ever earn and spend opportunities on iOS
30 additional apps go live, with 19 currently in development, pushing Kin into the top 10 most used cryptocurrencies in the world.
More than 6 million people use Kin with a peak of 200k daily transactions

Kin boasts a thriving community of developers who are pushing the boundaries of what cryptocurrency can do.

The Kin Developer Platform provides everything developers need to get started integrating Kin into their apps. It’s the gateway to the Kin SDK, the Kin Rewards Engine, and the documentation, education, and community resources to make the job easy and fun.

Join our thriving community around the globe and across the Internet. Read more below and follow social channels to learn more about Kin.